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invisible worlds
fermented futures
climate cultures

We are co-creators with the microbial realm, tuning CO2 to the frequency of flavor, making the fats that make delicious foods delicious.


We are a collective of scientists and artists working at the intersection of fat and flavor, climate and culture. Part deep science lab, part culture collective, we are on a mission to address the singular challenge of our time through the ancient power of fermentation. 


We are in a race against time on multiple fronts and believe food is a crucial element of the post-scarcity revolution.


We have a way to make the foods we love from energy, water, and carbon dioxide. With advances in synthetic biology and fermentation, we can make the fats, butters, and oils that make food delicious in a scalable, carbon-efficient process.


By using biotechnology in a targeted way, we can produce otherwise impossible ingredients to make into foods. This approach spares agricultural and natural lands, seeks resource efficiency across carbon, water, and energy and promises that food is only the beginning.


Grounded by our technology, we are inspired as much by ancient myths as we are science fiction; we are committed to honoring our debt to those who came before and planning to leave the planet in a state of abundance––whichever planet we end up on. We want to inspire the ingenious, empower the thoughtful, and engage the hopeful. We believe that a clear-eyed look at what we face is the only way forward. And we plan to do just that.

invisible worlds
fermented futures


The most delicious flavors often come from the most carbon intensive sources (animals). The fats we can make not only eliminate CO2, we can tune them to create different flavors from one animal-free, carbon-negative source. 



Changing how we feed our world is a part of our collective evolutionary progress, it is part of the great shift in consciousness. We seek to preserve and support the evolution of human consciousness on this planet and beyond. And it begins with healing how we feed and care for ourselves and the planet. 

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