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the spell the binds the dream of life

Future Ancestors


Circe was founded by Shannon Nangle and Marika Ziesack, born from their work at Harvard's Wyss Institute engineering microbes to transform industrial CO2 emissions into biodegradable carbon based compounds, from polymers to food. 

By using biotechnology in a targeted way, we can produce otherwise impossible ingredients to make into foods. This approach spares agricultural and natural lands, seeks resource efficiency across carbon, water, and energy and promises that food is only the beginning.
While technology plays a significant role in Circe’s mission, the larger project is one that involves purpose, accountability, and intentionality. The people we bring on are more valuable than the technologies we will build together.

We are inspired as much by ancient myths as we are by science fiction. We are committed to honoring our debt to those who came before us, and leaving the planet in a state of abundance––whichever planet we end up on.

We are here to inspire the ingenious, empower the thoughtful, and engage the hopeful. We believe that a clear-eyed, piercing look at what we face is the only way forward.
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