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The Future is Fermentation



We are building a manufacturing platform that can make products from carbon dioxide, water, and electricity. Our fermentation process can create the products that make up our world but radically decarbonize the way we produce them. We’re on a mission to promote resilience in the face of climate change while evolving how we care for ourselves and the planet.

The Vessel

Virtually all life has emerged from the transformation of carbon dioxide and water. With fermentation, we can work with nature to use those simple and abundant resources as inputs to a modular platform with nearly unlimited scope. We're starting with fats.


The Studio

The Studio is where we develop and launch new ingredients, products and brands, from food to materials. Our first product is coming soon, stay tuned. 

Fats Are Essential

We're starting with fats because they have far reaching impact beyond food. They are made of some of the most versatile molecules in the world. Oil has fueled humanity’s progress; from the original fires of our ancestors, to the animals whose fat illuminated the pre-industrial world, to the accumulated power of an ancient sun that is now warming our planet. Fats are nature’s way of storing energy, we can tailor-make these molecules to be used in food, materials, and fuels. 

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